Apr 4, 2023

Why design? Why is it so important?

Hello! My mane is Yana. And this post is about me.

Why design? Why is it so important?

I have been working in digital marketing since 2018

I have been in design management since 2020

And now I am a co-founder of a digital design agency

Why digital design? Because, first of all, it is interesting.

Also because design changes everything (read what it touches).


Recently I heard that one American millionaire blogger (I don’t mean the number of followers, but the income) has a team of 6 people who are exclusively engaged in creating covers for his videos. Seriously?

For each of the videos, he has at least 20 variations of such covers. Moreover, these intro-covers are created and chosen BEFORE the shooting of the video itself.


To shoot this content in the style of the same intro cover then.

And not vice versa.

What do you do when there is a product, it is cool, even useful, but does not sell well? Do you hire 2 more IT specialists  for new features or 2 copywriters and designers for different landing page variations?


By the way, investments also collect landings, not products =)

Where will the investor look after have seen the presentation? Of course, he will visit the site.

And if the first page does not interest him, he is unlikely to continue the communication with the startup further.

Will he register and immerse himself in the product? Learn about functionality? Give a second chance?

Honestly, it's a matter of mood.

Therefore, it is now our mission to make investors feel in a good mood.

That's why design changes everything!

Here is a tip for you: when studying startups, analyze not their products, but their landing pages first of all.

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